Compatibility For Virgo with Virgo

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Virgo with Virgo
Finding anything resembling compatibility would be hard for this combination. Both have a tendency to end up with a battle of the wits with both opponents evenly matched. Each would over exaggerate the faults of the other. At best it would be a commonplace marriage, with the possibility of husband and wife talking each other to distraction.

However... My mate is a Virgo and so am I! We get along great, and we are going on 5 years together so far. I think what makes us work is the fact that we specialize in different areas. I am into computers (gee.. that was hard to guess ;), where as Beth is great at accounting, into landscaping and remodeling. If two Virgos have two different specialties this is the key. I personally think Virgos get along great under these circumstances. (uhmm... Honey can I come to bed now?...)

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