Welcome in The Age of Aquarius!

The age of aquarius was officially ushered in, in this Astrologer's opinion, on January 23 1997 at 17:35 GMT. So many of you wrote me asking what this means, by shear volume I was unable to answer. This means the end of an era,(age of Pisces) and the beginning of another. Many feel this heralds the coming of the "end of times" as written in the Bible. Some feel it is the dawning of the new world order. Whatever it means it is still mysterious, and opinions differ widely in the Astrology community. I feel it is a combination of both of the above. Here is the chart above, of Jerusalem cast for 17:35 GMT on January 23 1997. Look for yourself. I personally have never seen the Star of David so perfectly aligned, no, not ever.

over Jerusalem

Above is the same chart, with all aspects activated. The top one, has only 3 aspects, (considered a Holy number). Most birthcharts, (which is what they are) really show very little organization or pattern. The precision of the Star of David alignment in the charts above, is rare... But for it to "happen" to be upright perfectly, (they usually always tilt) is unheard of. The odds of this happening by chance are over a billion to one!
There is so much heated debate over what this means, that you may find various explanations everywhere. On thing we can all agree on, is something big is happening... And soon...
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