Compatibility For Cancer with Cancer

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This combination can make a beautiful love out of their married life, because each will have a sympathetic understanding for the other's moods, wishes desires, and needs. Though there are times were they can totally disagree, with each clinging to the experience and teaching of early childhood, each will understand the other. Both will have the tenacity of glue on paper, once its there it will be there regardless of peril. Each will give sympathetic consideration to this trait in the other, and they should have no trouble in finding constant bliss.

First thing you need to do is get a manual that tells you who goes first and on what night. Otherwise you are both going to just sit there and wonder. How "did" you two manage to get together anyway? Whose initiative was it and will he or she call again? A movie that needs a director! And by the way, try to avoid those emotional scenes, unless you really are acting.

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