What are "Birthcharts" And What is a "Synastry Report"?
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A Birthchart is a representation of a map of the stars and planets (heavens) at the moment of birth, with your birth location mathematically considered the center. If someone were to look toward the eastern horizon at the precise moment of your birth, there would be a sign of the zodiac rising on the horizon. This zodiac sign sets up an important line on your chart, this is known as the Ascendant, or rising sign. It also sets up the cusp, or angular point, for the position of the first house.
The zodiac signs as they are traditionally known, now forms around this point, and all the planets and their positions, can be entered. In addition, the houses are computed, as well as other significant points and aspects. You now have a personal symbolic astrological map, that is a reflection of you and the life you will (or are) leading, with a uniqueness all it's own, because you were born at a particular time and at a specific place. Only people born in your exact location, and at the same precise time, will have a similar one.

Things to consider about a Natal (Birth) Chart

A birthchart is a set of probabilities that a soul will likely act out through forming a parting of higher conscious within the physical in order to fulfill its most likely course. Also considered is "Karma," which may be the reason for a variety of negative aspects and influences. A soul enters a fetus, knowing that at birth a particular physical consciousness and environment will be formed. It is now known that the neurons of the brain form a distinct pattern at the moment of birth, which influences your emotions and disposition.

Spirituality and the Birthchart

Newspaper Astrology focuses simply on personality and the physical. Astrology was intended to be a spiritual tool, but as people became more involved with selfishness and materialism, the physical, self gratifying side became the main focus. Spirit does not grow unless it expresses itself in some way. One expression is that of the soul. The soul can only express itself in the physical world through personality. So to understand our purpose, lessons, debts, gifts, etc., a study of the personality can be informative in gaining an insight into who you "really" are and where your heading. Thus, we should be concerned with both the physical and the spiritual, in order to gain the maximum advantage of using Astrology as a learning and awareness tool.

Synastry, or "Am I compatible with my mate?"

A synastry chart is a detailed astrological comparison between two people. The key to understanding if relationships will work, is usually apparent in synastry. Birthchart comparison, or synastry as it is called, is the result of placing one persons chart over the other. In the compatibility area of this website, you may find that the basic two signs don't mix, but in synastry they sometimes do. This is because synastry is far more detailed and considers ALL the aspects and their interaction with one another.

Synastry simply aligns two birthcharts so that the zodiac signs line up. One of the first things to check in a synastry chart is the Ascendant,the aspects to it, the descendant and the seventh house. Look to those houses where your partner's planets are in. See how the interaction of energy is described by reading the planetary aspects, remembering that the wider the orb, the weaker the effect. If you have, for example, seven degrees rising, you may notice that others with whom you feel comfortable with often have the same degree of rising. It does not have to be the same zodiac sign. Synastry is an indicator of a spiritual bond (or possible one). There may be certain conflicts in certain relationships concerning lifestyle and synastry can help explain why, and if you have this to look forward to.

The sign on the seventh house cusp of your chart will indicate the type of person you are consciously looking for. If you have Cancer on the seventh house cusp, you will desire a nurturing, sensitive individual. Planets in the seventh house may alter this slightly though.

If all this sounds rather technical to you, don't worry. The Birthchart and Synastry reports you order from me are written in layman's terms, and are easy to understand. It is choke full of information that you can digest!

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