Compatibility For Aries with Virgo

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This combination is very similar to the Aries - Gemini combination. Virgo being ruled by Mercury , does not blend well astrologically with the Martian tendencies of Aries. Virgos are to fault finding and precise for the Aries personality. Where Virgo will be logical and analytical, Aries will become impatient. There are many relationships between these two that do work out very well, it is a constant challenge. Virgos want a well ordered existence and won't be happy under Arien dictatorship. The prissy Virgo will not condone a bossy Aries.

If the Arien allows Virgo space, and acknowledges and uses the virtues of Virgo, (ie. Intellect, precision and logic) the two can make for a dynamic relationship. The very things that make this team bad, could make it good! Also, if the Virgoean allows Aries the leadership that they are so capable of, you may end up in a relationship where one is "the brains" as the other is "the brawn". Unfortunately this works out great for friendships, it is difficult with intimate relationships. But it CAN work.

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