Compatibility For Aries with Cancer

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This combination is usually hard to match. Cancerians are ruled by the moon, making them moody , sentimental and secretive. Their tendency is to live in the past, and they have a difficult time forgetting serious quarrels or disagreement that may occur early in marriage. Ever heard the saying that "If you make it through the first year the rest is easy."? This is true of this couple. The secretive nature of Cancer has the potential of clashing with the openness of Aries. Though Aries can be moody too, it is not quite so bad as Cancer. What happens when you get two moody people living together? Chaos! OR Balance... That's right, one can counteract the other.

Example: Aries is in a great mood, but Cancer is not. The Aries may "cheer up" the cancer thus creating a balance. (Of course, this could be reversed, making it risky.)

What may be of little concern to an Arien , may be very traumatic block to Cancer. Though the Cancerian holds on with the tendencies of a crab, he has a tendency to back away from situations which may have been hurtful in the past.

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