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Silver Platter Award!
An Ask Jeeves select site.

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This web site is a WINNER of the esteemed Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD." (As mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.)

Escati Like It! Award

Flight of Fancy Award
Flight of Fancy Award for Creativity and
Excellence in Web Page Design
For Creativity and Excellence in Web Page Design

Fashion Australia Magazine

Golden Ratio Award!

M-Comp is proud to present its Golden Ratio Award to Astrology Online.
The mathematical golden ratio was used by the ancients to build
symetrical, proportional structures of architecture and I feel that this
web site is a golden ratio in its structure and service to the
astrological community.

Charlie Higgins
Mathematics of the Ancient Mysteries.

Canopus award for excellence

"Canopus award for excellence for the plethora of information on your site, and services to the community in bringing cosmic awareness to the public" www.panplanet.com
Mathematics of the Ancient Mysteries.



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